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At Belfast Lifestyle Medicine we look at health and disease in a different way.  The conventional approach often focuses on diagnosis and symptom suppression but may struggle to resolve the underlying cause.

We consider all aspects your health and wellbeing from birth to the present, acknowledging the body as one whole interconnected system with you, the person at its core.
Combining this detailed health history alongside the latest scientific tests we can explore the genetic, lifestyle, environmental factors and biological markers which are impacting your health or are placing you at risk of future illness.

Together we formulate personalised lifestyle treatment plans, empowering you to transform your health.


One hour appointments  delving into how and why you became unwell. We help you to discover the relationship between your genes, your biology and your health. We explore how they have been influenced by your food, your thoughts, the environment around you and how you move and sleep.

The latest scientific tests. We choose only the tests that are appropriate for your particular needs. We can test for nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, advanced cardiovascular markers,  gut function and imbalances of gut bacteria (microbiome).

Personalised treatment plans which aim to restore balance to the body and mind. Our plans focus primarily on lifestyle interventions empowering you take control of your health. We implement the appropriate nutritional programme for your biology.  We may use evidence based nutritional supplements to improve the function of your biological systems. We give guidance on exercise programmes, sleep optimisation and stress management.


Everyone deserves a long and healthy life, so get yourself back on the road to optimal health and book an appointment with Belfast Lifestyle Medicine.

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