Frequently asked questions at Belfast Lifestyle Medicine

  • What is Belfast Lifestyle Medicine?
  • Belfast Lifestyle Medicine has been set up by two experienced GPs, Dr Angela McCann and Dr Michelle McIntyre. They use lifestyle medicine alongside the usual GP approach to optimise health and to tackle the root causes of chronic conditions. Lifestyle medicine takes a holistic approach to health – the aim is not for a short term fix, but rather to discover, manage and treat the causes behind a condition.

  • So….is it just a private GP service?
  • No. It is different to a typical GP practice in many ways.  It is aimed at both those who have longer term or chronic conditions, and also those who want to improve their health generally. The service is not suitable for acute or short term conditions. The initial consultation will last one hour and will involve the holistic lifestyle approach.

  • How much is a consultation?
  • We currently offer an initial free-of-charge 10-15 minute telephone consultation or email exchange to briefly discuss your needs and to determine your best way forward.

    We encourage patients to attend for an initial and follow-up consultation. This model is best suited to our way of practice and is likely to produce the best results for you.

    The New Patient Bundle is being offered at an introductory rate of £350. This includes a one hour consultation, management plan and a follow-up one hour consultation. Fortnightly email contact, to monitor progress and tweak the management plan as needed, can also be included with this package at no extra charge. A stand-alone one hour consultation with management plan costs £200.

    We may also recommend an additional consultation with an affiliated nutritional therapist.

  • Are lab tests included?
  • The consultation fee does not include lab testing; however, BLM clients can avail of a discounted price for testing from external labs. The doctors encourage you to gather any previous investigations to avoid unnecessary repeat testing and extra costs. The need for testing and the type of testing indicated will vary between individuals.

    If you do not have recent blood tests, we would likely suggest some initial blood work at the first appointment. A starting price for a combination of 20 different blood tests is currently around £50; however, this would be tailored to the individual. We use Genova Diagnostics laboratories for the more advanced testing panels. Pricing varies widely depending on the tests required, typically starting from around £150.

  • What is lifestyle medicine?
  • Evidence-based lifestyle medicine uses comprehensive lifestyle changes to prevent, treat and reverse the onset and progression of chronic disease by addressing underlying causes (1). The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (2) offers a certfication process which is recognised internationally and in the UK.

  • Does it replace my usual GP?
  • No. You should continue to see your usual GP for any emergency or acute problems. Regular medical prescriptions, vaccinations and cervical screening are also not provided.

  • Can the doctors give me a prescription for medication?
  • The doctors are likely to recommend ‘lifestyle prescriptions’, rather than traditional medications. However, if the doctor feels it is necessary, they may issue private medical prescriptions.

  • How do I make an appointment?
  • Belfast Lifestyle Medicine offer a complimentary call back or email conversation. Please use the contact us information to initiate the conversation!

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